After the event is before the event!
Virtual event evaluation

Monday, August 19, 2021

Patrick Weiler

Reading time: 02:40 minutes

Tribute to the event follow-up

‍The event is over, the lights go out,

it’s time for the participants to check out.

What an event! I cannot even wait

to start planning the next one, let’s choose a date!

But stop! First, I must evaluate, 

to prevent increasing my turnover rate.

Many attended, who signed up?

How was the content and who would like a follow up?

Post event stuff is no fun and boring,

let’s check if it is even worth exploring.

How could it be any other way? After the (virtual) event is before the (virtual) event. For some of us, this is a rather tiresome topic, but in fact not entirely unimportant. Especially at the beginning of the immersion into the virtual event world, the learning curve effects are enormous. After all, as with everything new to which you dedicate yourself, nothing is perfect at the beginning. There is always room for improvement! Even if some digital experts only want to admit this through gritted teeth.

Evaluation and analysis of a virtual event

You, as the organizer, want to know how your event went, both for the attendees and, of course, for yourself. What went better this time, what was well received, and what should perhaps be eliminated next time?

The golden virtual event spoon – are you still slurping, or are you already spooning?

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to think outside the box, especially when you’re sitting in the so-comfortable-and-soothingly-warm Life Event Soup Bowl. The saving soup spoon is therefore called: success analysis! So, the following questions should be asked by an event organizer: What are my KPIs and how did my participants like it? At magnid, you can utilize a variety of tracking options, including customized real-time data analysis, business integration tools, media analysis, and custom reports. As a result, you’ll be able to put your event through its paces while never missing or forgetting a detail.

Within the framework of innovative event formats, quantitative figures can be viewed simply and directly. As it is typically the case with face-to-face events, time-consuming data collecting, counting, and estimating are no longer necessary. Above all, when it comes to data reliability, hybrid or virtual events surpass real events.

All relevant information is prepared and presented in an easy-to-understand way for the organizer. Whether it’s the number of participants and their overall satisfaction, the number of closed deals, the number of generated leads, the representation and impact on social media, or budget compliance, there’s something for everyone. These are all crucial elements that also make other events successful – or not. 

On top of that, various key values such as the number of visitors in the venue, the number of registrations, the number of visitors in a session, the duration of average participation in a session, page views, dwell time, visitor behavior, the number of downloads of content, as well as individual data such as the country of origin of the participants, language, device usage and so on, are used to measure success. Of course, magnid is GDPR compliant, so that you can start your event analysis worry-free and relaxed. 

Graphs, tables, and charts help to clarify your analysis. They not only save time while processing, but they also look nice. The ability to monitor real-time metrics is also very appealing. You can observe where your users are and how they interact with your content in real time.

Heading towards new and improved shores

Once the KPIs have been established, contact with attendees has been established and maintained, attendee feedback has been evaluated, and suggestions for improvement have been assessed, it’s time for me to collect the learnings and develop a strategy for future events.

The event is over, the lights go out

It’s time for the participants to check out

What an event! I cannot even wait

To start planning the next one, let’s choose a date!

But stop! First, I must evaluate, 

To prevent increasing my turnover rate 

Many attended, who signed up?

How was the content and who would like a follow up?

Thanks to magnid, the analysis went fast

Post event stuff is fun, my worries are in the past

I know, it’s worth the effort, too

With virtual events, I am going to break through

Thank you, magnid.