Bundling competences – Increasing expertise: Merger between Proske and magnid

Thursday, January 20, 2023

Press Release

Reading time: 03:14 minutes

Proske GmbH joins forces with magnid GmbH for even closer cooperation. The aim of the merger is to take advantage of synergies, to drive innovations forward and to jointly develop the gateway to the metaverse. In this way, it will be possible to provide even better support to customers in the virtual & hybrid sector.

Bundled competencies in the digital event and meeting sector

Proske has been working successfully with magnid, a cloud-based and AI-supported platform for virtual and hybrid events, for some time. Proske is considered a digital pioneer and trendsetter in the meeting and event industry. Its core business includes the development and implementation of customized strategic meeting management programs (SMMPs), the creation of creative event concepts, and the digital and technology sectors. The solutions delivered by magnid give Proske access to a fully scalable 3D world with a user-friendly DIY backend.

Markus Struppler, Co-CEO of Proske, on the merger: “Proske and magnid have been working closely on virtual and hybrid events for years and have been very successful in jointly developing new customers and business areas. The merger of the two companies means that platform development can be more efficiently adapted to customer requirements and customers can thus be addressed in a more targeted manner. In particular, the combination of virtual platform and metaverse with new event formats is emerging as a coming trend among our customers. We are very pleased that the joint team led by Lisbeth Hanses and Nicole Deisenhofer is implementing this strategy very successfully.”

About magnid

In addition to the already successfully used self-service platform, new services include consulting for metaverse projects, financial services, and “magnid Ready”, a self-service solution provided by magnid for virtual meetings for short lead times. Other innovative features such as MEDIAFLIX, which provides customers with individual AI-based content recommendations, were already launched. Among other things, Proske and magnid support their customers in the strategic standardization of business as well as finance processes. Such a service is of enormous importance for end customers, especially due to increased energy costs and high inflation.

‍With the increasingly important topic of sustainability, the goal of supporting customers in using more sustainable meeting formats and alternatives as well as actively questioning the status quo is being intensively pursued. Proske helps their customers in planning not only with more sustainable meeting formats, but also by tracking of sustainability KPI’s and reporting to actively track and visualize strategic goals like the reduction of CO2. In this way, the monitoring of supply chains can be optimized, which not only protects the environment, but also saves costs and energy.

The future of meetings and events is hybrid or digital

Despite the comeback of face-to-face events and trade fairs, Larissa Steinbäcker, co-CEO of Proske, believes in the many advantages of a virtual or at least hybrid target group approach: “The metaverse will fundamentally change the interaction of virtual events and make it increasingly tangible for participants. According to the motto Don’t just watch from the sidelines, be part of the action’, participants will be able to get involved themselves, collaborate, network and truly experience 360-degree content from all angles. The metaverse will not replace the current 3D worlds but will complement them in certain areas. Both companies were very successful last year, and we are looking forward to the new developments together “

Both Proske and magnid have had successful years. Last year alone, Proske saw more than 25% increase in net revenues. Meanwhile, the magnid platform is becoming more and more popular within the industry and is now used by many Fortune 500 companies on an international level and has been able to sustainably promote innovation on the German market with the integration of metaverse. Thus, we can be curious about which features will be developed next by the merger of these two companies, to continuously drive the future of the event industry.