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Monday, July 19, 2021

Christian Holtz

Reading time: 03:00 minutes

Virtual events shape the future

Born from an innovative idea in 2018, magnid Venue has appeared on the market in early 2021 as the “Next Generation” or “2.0.” version, of the Virtual Venue platform of our parent company Proske. Especially from the long experience of Proske (an event agency), we can draw valuable expertise. We understand the challenges of event implementation and can use this knowledge to achieve the best possible execution and transmission into the digital world. ‍

2018 – The year magnid first saw the light

As a new technology company, we are now in the starting blocks for the era of virtual events to revolutionize and conquer the market – because we offer no matter whether it is a large corporation, a medium-sized company or an agency, a new AI-supported and cloud-based option of virtual and hybrid event possibilities. And this is true across the entire content journey for the realization of an individual customer journey.

In doing so, magnid has chosen to offer the Venue as a SaaS solution. Customers benefit from the highest flexibility and can directly make changes themselves.  Modification and the active possibility to take the design of your event into your own hands inspires customers and simply makes them crave for more.

Virtually unlimited for everyone

No specialist knowledge is required, and users do not need to have an IT background to be able to navigate directly through the platform. The simple handling and the intuitive self-service are what makes magnid stand out. After all, who hasn’t felt helpless and overwhelmed in a new system, only to give up in despair and frustration after putting in hours of effort? And, by the end of the day, if you still have question marks in your head, magnid offers additional partner options, such as a support service that is available anytime it is needed and can help with more than just technical issues.

To introduce you to the Venue Designer, we offer seminars, workshops and regularly publish videos that simplify the initial introduction to the application’s capabilities. This way, our scalable and virtual 360° worlds can be customized by everyone and meet the requirements of each user. From event timing, content access rights assignment, user grouping, interactions, engagement, and infotainment widgets… everyone definitely gets their money’s worth.‍

Ease of use with no sacrifice of quality, is something that is very close to our hearts at magnid!

And when it truly hits you, you’re always right there with a full heart. That’s why it’s necessary to create digital proximity and enable real experience through artificial intelligence.

Digital event formats are here to stay, even after the pandemic and after Corona. The experts are certain.  

While everyone is currently eagerly anticipating the face-to-face event world, and live event organizers probably can’t complain about below-average attendance right now, the last few months have clearly demonstrated the great benefits that virtual events provide:‍

Analysis and transparency of virtual events

The assessment, measurement, tracking and refinement of events, target groups, viewed content and reachability is much more measurable in a digital event than in live events. Personalized targeting, relevance and networking are becoming increasingly important and are among magnid’s strengths.

Cost factor virtual vs. live

The organization and participation in events are always associated with high costs. No matter if location, catering, accommodation, travel, or giveaways. Live participants of an event cause high costs for the organizer as well as in their own company. Magnid’s prices can be individually adapted to the needs and scope of the customer’s projects. Or in short, whether it’s an annual flat rate or a one-off event, we also offer maximum flexibility when it comes to pricing.

Sustainability aspect – Think about your CO2 footprint

Thanks to virtual events, every participant can take part from the comfort of their own home. There is no need to travel by plane, train, or car, thus saving emissions and reducing the CO2 balance. 

Practicability – virtual makes it easy

There are also participants who cannot attend the event in person for various reasons, be it illness, private commitments or limited financial or human resources in the company. Thanks to virtual and hybrid events, these are now worries of the past.

The virtual event landscape and event formats are becoming more colorful and diverse. It’s dynamic, agile, and multi-faceted.  Never has the need to offer alternatives to the classic live event been as great as it is currently. Companies are facing many questions, difficulties, and challenges. 

Magnid is now starting to write its story in a field that probably couldn’t be more promising for the future. 

Be curious, we certainly are!