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Thursday, October 25, 2023

Nikolay Tretyakov

Reading time: 02:23 minutes

Regular websites often struggle to create a wow experience when it comes to product visualization. The reason for that is the limited showcase possibility of static images and text. This challenge becomes even more essential when corporate websites aim to convey the atmosphere of physical showrooms, event locations, or destinations. How to stand out? How to place the visitor in the center of action and make their digital experience engaging and more tangible? Based on specific target audience and needs, the solution may be an introduction of 360-degree views. 360° platforms are comprised of 360° videos, panoramic images, and realistic transitions between areas.

Let’s learn our top reasons to advocate for their digital storytelling power:

Creating a digital twin has become remarkably modernized.  With just a single day of shooting, an entire location can be fully digitized. This technology became a game-changer for event and communication planners as well as real estate managers, as it enables their customers to make well-informed decisions based on the accuracy of the digital twin. A sequence of 360 videos is exactly the technology to showcase digital representation online.

Complex product explanations, like manufacturing machinery or the structure of medical devices, are well-suited for 360° platforms. Each area on such a platform would contain a digestible bit of information, that can be viewed from any angle as well as rotated. This accessibility of information opens a lot of opportunities for learning platforms. Interactive elements allow to enrich the user experience further with self-reflecting quizzes and games.

Customization speed makes the 360° platform exceptionally attractive for enterprise users. Once the location or technology is successfully digitalized, the content personalization for various user roles becomes much easier. The best practice is to enrich the 360-degree video background with specific layers of information targeted at suppliers, B2B buyers, and employees. These adjustments can be done in real-time without unpublishing the360° platform.

Truly stand out with your digital presence.  It is crucial to acknowledge that technology advances fast. Already, 3D renderings become available within mixed-reality environments, and 360-degree videos can be accessed in VR headsets. The digital landscape evolves: 360° videos build the foundations of a digital home. Very soon, this home will be populated with conversational AI and human avatars, further transforming the interaction with online content.

Create your own 360° immersive platform – with magnid 360

As you can see, 360° platforms offer immersion, engagement, and interactivity that regular websites cannot completely match, and this digital innovation continues to evolve rapidly.

When you are ready to start exploring the potential of a 360° platform, magnid 360 presents you with an opportunity to create a hybrid use case that seamlessly combines 2D panoramic images with 360° videos. The platform is flexible and made with communication designers in mind, removing the need for coding expertise. What does it mean for you? Start creating a nice 360° welcome video to your location and blend it with a content-rich image of a welcome desk. Alternatively, you can prototype and design an entirely new 360° experience showcasing your latest products. No matter the project scale, we got you covered in building a true gateway to a connected world! Through our strategic approach, technological know-how, and creative expertise we have planned and executed numerous onsite, virtual, and hybrid events. If you would like to learn more about our different use cases, check out our website or take a look at our website.

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