Exciting Tech Magazine ft. magnid:
Meet the CEO

Wednesday, June 11, 2024

In the Media

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Meet the CEO is a new segment of Exciting Tech magazine, where CEOs and thought leaders from innovative companies in the DACH region are being introduced, both professionally and personally. We are very pleased to share with you the interview in which our very own CEO, Markus Struppler from magnid, has been asked to participate.

What is your vision and what are you doing to achieve it?

We are working in an exciting segment: magnid develops concepts aimed at transforming the way people meet and interact. The framework includes a stronger awareness of sustainability, CO2 reduction, inclusion, and cost efficiency, as well as the need to establish personal relationships and bonds to lay the foundation for collaboration. Doing this, we utilize digital solutions, which are either fully virtual or hybrid concepts that include digital components. I expect this trend to continue growing. Therefore, we are investing in new technologies and solutions that meet future societal demands.

How do you foster innovation and ensure your company stays at the forefront of technological development?

In addition to being willing to invest in well-trained employees, innovation largely depends on the mindset of colleagues. Innovation cannot be mandated. Even if you hire smart people, it does not help if their ideas do not fall on fertile ground that embraces these ideas, nurtures them, and implements them into new products and services for customers. We try to do this every day by transparently communicating our views and expectations, engaging in open discourse, openly admitting missteps, and continuously adjusting our strategy.

What hurdles does your company need to overcome in the next 24 months?

We are in the midst of a societal shift towards sustainability and corporate responsibility. We need to position our messages and solutions correctly to ride this wave and deploy our concepts and solutions with our customers. If this works – and I am convinced it will – we will make a small contribution to a slightly better world.

Which trends do you see as particularly relevant for your future?

Our future is characterized by a dynamic fusion of various trends. This enables us to grow internationally, open up new markets, and foster cultural diversity and innovation. One opportunity lies in the generational change: the next employees and customers have a new perspective that challenges traditional approaches and forces us to become more agile and inclusive. We see skepticism among our customers towards dominant platform operators. Therefore, we strive to create trust and transparency with our technical solutions. We already use artificial intelligence to automate processes and create new possibilities in terms of personalization and efficiency. Overall, we must prepare for a world that is changing even faster, where flexibility, adaptability, and imagination are crucial.

Who or what has most inspired or influenced you in your career?

I am inspired by the diversity of encounters: with age, one has the advantage of having met many extraordinary people. Looking back, there are qualities in almost everyone that have influenced me. What inspires me most is engaging with the character traits of family & friends, superiors, colleagues & employees: what do I admire and take as a role model, what do I see critically and want to do differently myself. This is how I let myself be shaped by my environment.

Who or what inspires you outside your professional bubble?

I am fascinated by people who stand up for their ideas, values, and beliefs, who fight for their convictions and are willing to accept personal disadvantages by doing so.

Which three adjectives best describe you as a person?

  • Analytical: It is important to me to get to the bottom of things and not to make hasty judgments or decisions. Through thorough analysis, we can develop innovative solutions.
  • Self-reflective: When I make mistakes, I (usually) admit them. I believe in continuous learning and personal growth, which includes learning from mistakes and evolving.
  • Collaborative: Success is always the result of joint efforts. I value the contribution of each individual and am convinced that decisions are better when based on input from many.

What is your personal superpower?

Staying calm! Even in hectic situations, I try to keep a clear head and act calmly. This allows me to create a positive work environment and make strategic decisions with foresight. This contributes to the success of magnid, whether through building successful business relationships, leading our team, or implementing our vision.

What is one thing you know that you think everyone should know?

I only know what many others know: There are two challenges, our generation needs to face: combating climate change and fighting enemies of democracy. Both are essential to preserving the foundations of our societal system for our children. Anyone who has or loves children should think about this.

What skill could you teach any of us in a few hours?

How to improve relationships with your surroundings through time: before hitting “send,” reflect again on whether a reaction is really appropriate. Maybe wait an hour or sleep on it and consider what you would think if you yourself were the recipient of your message.

What items are still on your personal bucket list?

I would like to learn wing foiling.

**This article has been translated into English. The original version has been published in Exciting Tech in German on June 7th, 2024.