Pioneering the Scene:
Exploring Digital Solutions in the Sphere of Sustainable SMM

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Katarzyna Matuszczak

Reading time: 02:26 minutes

Recording time: 14:01 minutes

Strategically incorporating digital platforms, like magnid, into the event planning is paramount in today’s sustainable environment. At Event Tech Live 2023 in London, our focus extended to showcasing their supporting role in strategic meeting management, highlighting their added value to businesses while fostering sustainable practices.

Benefits of digital platforms

Leveraging our expertise, we have primarily outlined the benefits of integrating virtual platforms into event planning strategies. The contribution to an increased return on investment and future cost reduction, as employing a consistent platform for any other event establishes a stable cost foundation, were only some of several merits of introducing virtual solutions mentioned. Their unlimited reach can embrace a variety of event participants, transcending geographic limitations and granting location-independent access as well as enable the formation of targeted user journeys, offering a personalized experience for each event attendee. We have presented that digital platforms can also enhance the brand experience by providing immersive and interactive elements, fostering a dynamic connection between companies and their audiences. Being able to create and merchandise content seamlessly amplifies the impact of an event, providing a lasting impression.

Live events vs virtual events

As a real-life example of applying digital platforms into the event planning strategy, we have reviewed the scenario of one of our clients, whose objective included setting up a series of meetings incorporating sustainable solutions while cutting costs and time effort. What we have discussed here was our proposed mix of in-person and virtual solution by taking into account all of the client’s requirements together with areas that manifested the potential for maximization of other profits. To make our selected approach clearer, we have outlined the individual benefits of both in-person and virtual events. The described factors in favor of live meetings consisted of personal touch, forging authentic connections and ability to involve all senses. Engagement and interactivity, allowing participants to actively contribute, collaborate and engage in real time, are further beneficial factors for live meetings. In contrast to these qualities of live meetings, events featuring digital solutions were presented as powerful catalysts for transformative experiences. Community focus, content engagement and knowledge transfer, offering dynamic and interactive formats as well as the positive impact on sustainability performance were pointed out in this regard.

Capabilities of digital event platforms

To address the topic of strategic application of digital platform capabilities more extensively, we have discussed in turn the different layers of complexity of digital event platforms. The options on the market range from basic functionalities like video conferencing over advanced web-based meeting platforms, digital twins, and virtual homes to highly immersive platforms. While some platforms specifically target one of the different layers of complexity, magnid is capable of meeting requirements of all those layers. Depending on the objectives and the longevity of the planned implementation into the event structures, magnid can serve with the application of different use cases.

Implementation strategy

To complement the overall topic, we have demonstrated and covered a 3-step implementation process of digital platforms into sustainable meeting management. We visualized this process using a case study where our virtual platform with all its capabilities has been once employed for a global merger celebration composed of two companies, almost 30 thousand employees and 200 offices worldwide, and has been used since then in recurring global and regional town halls, as well as several community and showroom use cases.

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