The future of product showcasing:
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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Lioba Hackert

Reading time: 02:23 minutes

Traditionally, companies would rely on physical showrooms and trade shows to showcase and discover new products or services. However, this requires a physical location and product samples or prototypes for your target audience to experience. Creating showrooms concepts and shipping product samples from trade show to trade show make this meeting format both costly and time-consuming.

This is why over the last few years, we have seen more and more physical locations being replaced, or digitally duplicated, by virtual solutions. Virtual solutions help you showcasing new collections and products in a more sustainable way and to a wider, global audience.

What role do virtual platforms play in this?

Why More and More Brands Are Going Online

Virtual platforms and their different use cases have improved dramatically over the last few years. Starting with simple video and audio calls, they now have revolutionized how companies engage with their customers, showcase products, and drive revenue growth.

Digital showrooms are a cost-effective alternative to traditional showrooms and provide a platform for personalized interactions, data-driven insights, and community building. All that while enhancing brand visibility, saving resources, and providing ultimate flexibility.

How Virtual Showrooms Save Costs, Increase Accessibility, and Enhance Product Presentation

One of the most significant advantages of virtual showrooms is the cost-effectiveness they bring to the table. Physical showrooms and trade shows require large budgets for venue rentals, booth construction, logistics, and travel expenses. Additionally, costs for utilities and staffing occur. Virtual platforms can eliminate most of these expenses, allowing brands to allocate their resources more efficiently. This cost-saving advantage is a game changer, especially for small and emerging brands on a budget.

Another large advantage is accessibility. In a globalized world, brands and buyers are often separated by geographical boundaries and time zones. Virtual showrooms can break these barriers down and showcase products and services globally 24/7. At the same time, the overall carbon footprint due to travel, construction, and waste generation can be minimized.

Furthermore, virtual meeting platforms offer a range of tools and features to enhance product presentation. Brands can utilize high-quality images, videos, 3D models, and immersive virtual reality experiences to showcase their products. With such content concepts, you can surpass the boundaries of a physical showroom: space limitations and the laws of physics.

How Virtual Showrooms Create a More Sustainable and Data-Driven Ecosystem

A great example of how companies are utilizing virtual showrooms is the Swedish furniture company IKEA. Customers can choose from a wide variety of templates to style and design their virtual homes by placing IKEA products. Customers can also scan their own home to then place IKEA products. This lets them experience the look and feel in real life scenarios. With smart data analytics applied, IKEA knows who their customers are and what they are interested in. This then offers a wide variety of targeted marketing, to eventually increase revenue. Do you know (with the same ease) who is visiting your physical showroom?

As the world continues to digitize, the adoption of digital showrooms is growing immensely. Eventually, they will be the new norm as they are an efficient and forward-thinking way to engage and sell products. They offer cost-effective solutions, convenience, and accessibility, eco-friendliness, enhanced product presentation, real-time analytics, personalization, and time efficiency. These advantages not only benefit brands but also contribute to a more sustainable and data-driven ecosystem. If you want to learn more about how magnid can help you showcase your products in a visually stunning and interactive way, check out our website.

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