Virtual success before, during and after your event

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Jessica Jülke

Reading time: 02:23 minutes

Are you planning an event and aren’t quite sure how to create curiosity and ensure that your attendees don’t forget the most important information right after your event?

Participant interaction before and after face-to-face events is often overlooked. However, it is just this engagement that is necessary to increase the relevance of your products and services for you and your consumers, as well as to immunize them against the ever-increasing competition. Year-round communication with your attendees is an important component of strategic event planning that not only develops the product or brand, but also guarantees a great return on investment.

Virtual platforms, such as magnid, provide an answer to this by serving as a year-round communication and meeting solution. Why not create an appealing virtual area to pique interest in your event by generating high-quality content and after the event provide them with the most important information?

Virtual success – a year-round mission!

After the event everything is forgotten, and before the event the topics are often very distant? Extending the event lifecycle and making the content relevant to the target group is an important goal of every event manager, and the newly discovered virtual possibilities make this goal more tangible than it was many years ago:  

  • Year-round communication and engagement with customers
  • Interact with attendees and content after & between events
  • Identify interesting topics prior to events & build an agenda around customer needs
  • Create a strategic event plan for a full year or longer
  • Fully branded environment for improved brand loyalty

You can make use of these benefits with a virtual event platform like magnid to successfully bridge the gap until the next event to keep your consumers interested. Since pre- and post-event communication is such a crucial component of strategic event planning, a long-term platform should have all the capabilities you need to make it happen.

Relevant features

For example, with the help of our time widget, you have the ability to configure content and deliver it at a moment you specify. This way you may schedule when your content should be shown in the virtual world before the event and save yourself the stress after the event.

Or how about an interactive agenda? Using this widget, you can give your customers a taste of the program before the face-to-face event, be it session notes, workshops, or social activities. Want to organize a “Meet the Expert” session after the event? Use the interactive agenda to pique your attendees’ attention and build anticipation.

The truth is that the success of your event is determined by how you connect with your participants during the pre- and post-event stages, create anticipation and enthusiasm, and design the follow-up of your event.

Make magnid a part of your event management strategy by creating your own unique environment. Did you get curious? Your first step towards a successful digital event integration starts with us. I’m looking forward to speaking with you.